How to Apply

Any female jewellery designer in Israel can apply to become a #JourZettesForWOMEN contract designer. It’s done in three simple steps.


Submit application

Write an email directly to the CEO mailbox of JourZettes:,,submit your application for joining.


Confirm & Sign

Sign the Cooperation Agreement, provide a set of samples for free, and conduct a three-month market test.



JourZettes will put your products in our own stores, cooperative stores and online stores for three years of sales.


Any questions, please contact directly

What is the #JourZettesForWOMEN program?

JourZettes is an Israeli jewelry aggregation platform. We hope to bring good Israeli jewelry designs to China, so that more people can understand and love the history and culture of Jewish jewelry. At the same time, we also hope to help Israeli female jewelry designers explore the Chinese market. Their excellent design products are exported to China. Please click here for details.

Who can apply to join the #JourZettesForWOMENproject?

Any Israeli female jewelry designer, no matter what your job is, we welcome you to join the #JourZettesForWOMEN program, and we will work with you to bring your jewelry into China.

What are the details to be noted?

The designer herself can be the founder of a jewelry company, an employee of an IT company, or a full-time mother... We have no age and occupation restrictions on the choice of designers, but the designer herself needs to be female to meet our #JourZettesForWOMEN theme , the only requirement is that the designer’s design is good enough and meets the needs of the Chinese market. We will have a small committee to evaluate the designer’s products to help designers choose more suitable for the Chinese market. .

What is the three-month test period?

If the intention of cooperation is formed, our committee will select one or two sets of product series together with the designer. For each series, the designer needs to provide 1 set of samples for free. The samples can use cheap silver instead of precious metal materials, such as your product is 18K gold and diamonds, you can choose to use 925 silver and zircon to make the samples. The designer needs to mail the samples to China through Fedex at their own expense. We are responsible for the customs clearance of the samples.

We will place the samples in the store with the best location in China, which our own store located in Nanjing East Road, Shanghai , Show for three months to test consumers’ feedback on the product.

The store location map mentioned above

If the test is good, we will follow up with the next purchase; if we are not satisfied with the series, we will return the samples to the designer after the three-month period expires, and we will be responsible for the return postage.

Brand attribution?

Once you become our contracted designer, your products will be sold on our JourZettes omni-channels. We will keep your designer's name on your products so that all consumers know the designer's personal information. Of course, your design and creativity belong to the designer herself.

Product delivery, transportation, customs clearance and payment issues

If the product is manufactured in Israel, the designer will be responsible for the shipment. We will be responsible for 50% of the freight to China. We will be responsible for customs clearance and expenses. We will directly remit the payment to the designer’s designated account via bank transfer.

Once the sales volume of the product becomes large, the designer can also entrust us to manufacture her product in China. We will discuss this situation with the designer in detail.

The packaging of the product?

We will make uniform boxes and bags in China, and we will be responsible for the cost.

How to deal with product after-sales problems?

For all products, from the consumer’s final purchase date, the designer needs to provide a three-month after-sales guarantee. If it can be repaired in mainland China, we will try our best to repair it. If it needs to be replaced or mailed to Israel for repair, designer is responsible for round-trip expenses.

How to quit?

Designers can submit withdrawal applications at any time, but they need to notify us one month in advance, and all withdrawal applications will be unconditionally agreed.